ICA offers to all Employers a unique candidate search product which is designed to better serve smaller hospitality venues such as: restaurants, boutique hotels, pastry shops, catering, and private residences. We keep in mind that many establishments cannot afford the high price of recruitment agency fees that usually run between 15% to 25% of the gross annual employee’s salary.

What this service provides that makes it different from regular job postings and full recruiter services.

  • You as an Employer define your search parameters with one of our recruitment agents, either by telephone or email. 
  • We update you on a weekly basis for the duration of the search.
  • The search duration time frame is set at 60 days.
  • ICA custom creates your employer account on our website along with your job listing.
  • You decide where all job applications are sent, either to an email address you define or website URL of your company.
  • You have the option for your company to remain completely anonymous to all job seekers.
  • We activate your employer account so you are able to browse and contact any of our online candidates directly.
  • ICA reaches out to our full database of candidates that meet the criteria you set.

The job listing is shared on our full social network reaching over 5000 contacts.

Price: $549.00 USD