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    Alto Hospitality Ltd. is a hospitality company based in Accra ( Ghana ), sister company to a prestige luxury estate development company TEDC ltd. ( Trasacco Estate Development Company).

    In 2015. we have opened a rooftop lounge and restaurant, Skybar 25. Located on the very rooftop, 25th floor of the tallest residential building in West Africa, and been sucessfuly operating till today. We have hosted many prominent personalities, politicians and celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Steve Harvey, Akon, Idris Elba, Antonio Rudinger and many more.

    After years of successfully operating, We have decided to open an authentic high end, luxurious Italian restaurant in our Country Club.

    Country Club is located in the Luxury estate Trasacco Valley in Accra, GH. Capacity of the restaurant including the lounge, bar and lobby area and private dining room, together with a beautiful outside terrace with cabanas counts around 350 and more guests. Beautiful sophisticated interior design and brand new and very big professional kitchen. Peaceful and serene surrounding, a bit secluded from the city verve.

    The idea and concept of the Country Club and the restaurant is to provide the clientele with the authentic, delicious Italian cuisine and to bring that Italian charm and finesse to our customers and let them have a full experience of the Italian cuisine and all that comes with it.


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