Preparing pizza dough.
• Rolling out and topping pizzas with ingredients, as per recipes.
• Cooking pizzas in wood-fired ovens.
• Removing pizzas from oven and preparing them for serving.
• Ensuring countertops are kept clean and tidy and properly maintaining oven and cooking utensils.
• Coordinating with kitchen and operation staff.
• Striving to develop high quality, innovative and original pizza menu offerings for our guests.
• Training and developing other culinary team members on the art of pizza making.
• Assisting with tasks from other chefs.
• Developing and following recipes, portion controls and presentation specification as set by the restaurant.
• Following the First in First Out (FIFO) method to maximize freshness.
• Assisting in food inventory and control while properly receiving and storing delivered items.
• Cleaning food preparation areas, equipment, utensils and strictly adhering to sanitation, food safety, hygiene, and other health and safety guidelines.

Tagged as: Pizza Chef | Pizzaiolo

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